FAU Solar at MATSUS24

It was an incredible honor to participate in the MATSUS24 conference and also co-host the MAPUP-OPV symposium (Andreas Distler) in vibrant Barcelona! Beyond the fruitful discussions and engaging sessions, it was the in-between moments and new acquaintances made in the heart of the city.

FAU Solar had the opportunity to present our “Large-Area Organic Photovoltaic Modules with Record Efficiencies”, discuss the automated synthesis of perovskites nanocrystals, and talk about peculiarities in the perovskite and perovskite-organic tandem solar cells. Above and beyond discussing “Machine learning and device modeling as an automated diagnostic tool for high-throughput research” (Vincent Le Corre) and “Acceleration of Emerging Photovoltaics” (Christoph Brabec).

Many thanks to our collaborators and the organizing committee for making this event a memorable one!


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