Women in Optimization (09. – 12. April 2024)

We are pleased to announce the fifth installment of the “Women in Optimization” workshop series supported by SFB Transregio 154. This workshop is designed for aspiring female researchers, PhD candidates, and mathematics students specializing in optimization. The primary objective of the workshop is to provide both educational enrichment and networking opportunities within the optimization community.

Through insightful presentations by esteemed guest speakers, we aim to cover a diverse range of topics in mathematical optimization and its associated numerical techniques. The workshop not only offers lectures but also fosters an environment for scholarly discussions and the exchange of experiences. The inclusion of poster sessions provides a platform for active participation by emerging researchers.

We are proud to share that Frauke Liers, a prominent member of our FAU Solar team, is one of the organizers of this workshop.

The workshop will be conducted in German and will feature the following thematic focal points:

  • Discrete Optimization
  • Mixed-Integer Optimization
  • Linear/Nonlinear Optimization
  • Optimal Control
  • Inverse Optimal Control
  • Optimization with Partial Differential Equations
  • Parameter Estimation/Experimental Design
  • Optimization under Uncertainties

Additional Themes Include:

  • Career Planning
  • Balancing Career and Family
  • Sharing Information and Experiences Across All Career Levels
  • Networking

Esteemed speakers from academia, universities, colleges, and the corporate sector will be presenting at the event. Join for a dynamic gathering that promises knowledge enhancement, skill-building, and invaluable networking opportunities.

More information in german