The solar cell – a remarkable video project by school students

Margareta, Lea and Niklas, students at the municipal Marie Therese Gymnasium in Erlangen, have been studying the basics of renewable energies and their impact on the climate in a final video project on solar cells (german) as part of their physics and chemistry classes:

“Renewable energies and their interactions with the world’s climate are central topics that are of great importance for the future of our planet and the generations to come. For our final project we decided for making an explaining video with expert interviews. The project was not only brilliant for understanding basic scientific and technical contexts, but also for developing a sense of responsibility and competence to act with regard to sustainability and climate protection. At our school, special emphasis is placed on independent and results-oriented work within the framework of projects. Right at our first meeting, we agreed to strive for above-average performance. In the following three months we worked intensively on our project. We contacted researchers and solar parks, shot videos, created animations and set them to music, as well as conducted interviews. Our teachers and we are very satisfied with what we have achieved in our final project. In this sense, many thanks to Prof. Dr. Brabec and Prof. Dr. Silke Christiansen of FAU Solar as well as to everyone else who supported us in this project.”

Congratulations on your very impressive and professional video!