Prof. Barry P. Rand Order, disorder, and energy loss in organic photovoltaics

Date: 12. June 2024Time: 14:00 – 14:45

Order, disorder, andenergy loss in organic photovoltaics

Barry P. Rand

Princeton University

Departmentof Electrical and Computer Engineering & the Andlinger Center for Energyand the Environment 

Guest talk


We will discuss our recent work to betterunderstand the role of charge transfer (CT) states in organic solar cellfunction. For one, we have been exploring organic semiconductor-based thinfilms that feature crystalline grains of up to 1 mm in extent, termedmicrocrystalline films. We have found that CT states incorporating theselong-range-ordered films can be highly delocalized, contributing to noticeablylower energy losses. In another system, we are studying donor-acceptor pairsthat feature very high optical gaps (>3 eV) but relatively small frontierorbital energy offset (<1 eV). Such interfaces present multiple CT statesthat reveal new insight about photocurrent generation and nonradiativerecombination at donor-acceptor interfaces. Finally, we have developed aframework to discriminate between dynamic and static disorder contributions.Both are shown to contribute, and the relative contribution depends onmaterials choice and temperature.

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12. June 2024
14:00 – 14:45
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